Monday, February 16, 2009

My full-proof of baking

I was baking for Heiley's Bee cake when Tita Ine (hubby's aunt) took some photos of me so I decide to post it here and serve as a full-proof that I, myself bake those goods that I sell. hehehe So here's the pictures:

- I had prepared all the ingredients I need for my chocolate cupcakes a day a head. Now the first step is mixing all the dry ingredients and then the wet ingredients. Then, combbine them together. Serious noh? hehehe

- I'm wearin' my fave apron from Max courtesy of tita Ine, hehehe

- pourin' some batter in the muffin liners. I need 30 chocolate cupcakes.

- now, ready for baking... =)

- hmmm... smells wonderful! Delicious batch of chocolate cupcakes!

-piping some dark chocolate buttercream in it.,

- the finish products...butterflies and flowers.

-bees and flowers.

Viola! All done!

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