Friday, February 27, 2009

Nicole's Christening

I made this cake in less than 14 hours, without sleep! It was a late notice but I accepted the order since it's only 10 pieces mini fondant cakes. I thought it's just easy. But, have you ever felt like your brain is not functioning well for a certain moment? Well, I guess that is the reason why it took me 14 hours to finished it. I'm still glad I made it!

- baby in pink!


-cute lil' girl

-I really don't know if this one look's like a baby, but isn't she lovely?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Julianne's 7th birthday

This was the second order that I was talking about. It's Julianne's Dora themed cake. It was held yesterday at DADS Glorietta. I just made the cake simple and decorated the cupcakes with Dora and Boot's faces, the map and backpack. Take a look with the photos.

full set-up





Julianne - the pretty celebrant

her lil' guest got some take home

woah' she ate backpaccckk!!! hahaha

Hailey's Bee cake

I had a very busy week. I had accepted two orders in a row. First, a Bee theme cake for Hailey's Birthday. It is a two-layer carrot walnut cake and 30 pieces Chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate Butter cream and 20 pieces Vanilla cupcakes with Lemon Vanilla Butter cream. I had made the toppers ahead so it would be easy for me to decorate my cakes. She wants to have the cupcakes decorated with bees and butterflies so I add flowers too. I had so much fun making this cake but I had a few problems too. Few of my butterflies does not survived the drying time while others got broken, my bee's wings got broken too, while some were played by my son. hahahaha Good thing I made an extra batches for my toppers for I want to be ready if times like this happens.

She also asked o have a big honey bee at the top of her cake. I thought it would be nice if I'll just but a honey bee stuffed toy and put it on top but I never found one. I had no choice but to make an edible one! I was still it survived the drying time (it weighed 450 grams) and it still looks good though my son secretly pinched it when I was away!

About my two-layer fondant cake, I decorated it first with grass and flower stems not realizing that I made them too close with each other that turned out to be over decorated in my opinion. But all in all, they all looked good. So, here's the bee cake, it's for you to judge na lang.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My full-proof of baking

I was baking for Heiley's Bee cake when Tita Ine (hubby's aunt) took some photos of me so I decide to post it here and serve as a full-proof that I, myself bake those goods that I sell. hehehe So here's the pictures:

- I had prepared all the ingredients I need for my chocolate cupcakes a day a head. Now the first step is mixing all the dry ingredients and then the wet ingredients. Then, combbine them together. Serious noh? hehehe

- I'm wearin' my fave apron from Max courtesy of tita Ine, hehehe

- pourin' some batter in the muffin liners. I need 30 chocolate cupcakes.

- now, ready for baking... =)

- hmmm... smells wonderful! Delicious batch of chocolate cupcakes!

-piping some dark chocolate buttercream in it.,

- the finish products...butterflies and flowers.

-bees and flowers.

Viola! All done!

Kevin's Christening...

Ma'am Michelle Yap from Marikina City ordered 25 mini fondant cake for his son's christening last February 7 right before my birthday. To tell you honestly, it was my first time to make a mini fondant cake with human figures. I thought it is really impossible for me to do it. Tinitignan ko pa lang, parang ang hirap-hirap na! Yun pa kayang gagawin ko na? But I made it. I started by making the oval shape for the body, then small rope for the legs, and the arms, shaping it nicely to look like the shapes of legs and arms. But still can't make a nice hands..I'll try next time. I was really happy with the outcome though I know it's not really perfect. Well, I think I'm good for the first timer right? Hmm, don't make any violent reaction please, it's my moment! hahaha

baby in stroller and baby sitting with a ball

sleeping angel

with blanket

the packaging

cutting cake

Follow Up:

After the event, I texted Ma'am Michelle to get feedback from my works. She texted me back saying that their gust love my creations and we could start discussing about the next event, her son's first birthday!'s really a good feeling, it's all worth the sleepless night and effort! Thanks Ma'am Michelle for patronizing CUPPYCAKE!