Saturday, December 27, 2008

Grace's debut..

Here's my latest work, a 7 layers of cupcake with rose buds design. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't had the chance to get more photos coz I was soooo busy that time. It was Grace debut (hubby's cousin) and I was asked to be one of the events usherette and to sing a few songs. So busy that I don't even had lots of pictures of my self, with my own camera. hmp...Well, its okei coz I really can't say NO to this family. They are really special to me and I love them so much. Grace is like a lil' sister to me (I don't have a sister ='( ...)that's why I love her, and I love Ninang Cora as well.
Btw, I also made her souvenirs which is cupcake too. And as I was saying, di ko din napicturan! whew' gggrrr...I have to wait for her photo album pa to see if the photographers took them some photos. Well, thanks to Fosana family for choosing CUPPYCAKES to be part of their special event! till next time Graciana and Ninang.

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